Ukraine will prosper

60 tons of food
28 trucks with quality food
100,000 food packages

€ 680,000 contribution to humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the war Food for Ukraine Foundation has been making enormous efforts in Ukraine to help people! We are proud to cooperate with those who do good without feeling tired!

“Currently, we are providing food aid, but we are confident that very soon the mighty Ukraine will prosper and will once again be the extraordinary country that feeds the whole of Europe with its products!” – says the head of the fund Nerijus Udrenas.

We sincerely hope that it will be so! In the meantime, our people are in dire need of support, and we are infinitely grateful to those people and companies who provide products and transfer funds. Great respect to the Lithuanian charity Atviras Horizontas, which sent us 33 pallets (a whole truck) of quality canned food, as well as AIBĖ for another truck full of delicious goods – sweets, coffee, canned food, oil.

Все буде Україна!