The victory of humanity

During this difficult period, food kits have become an important aid to the people of Ukraine and, for some, a real escape from hunger. Together, we have been able to lay the foundation, the basis for helping thousands of people. People are involved in this process on a daily basis, so that this “relief machine” called “Food for Ukraine” goes further and helps even more.

Vytautas Ilgevičius, Neringa Janavičiūtė, Ivan Tobilevych, Anna Liubinska, Anna Pinkevych, Jevhen Charitonenko, Kristina Ivchenko.

They are working honestly behind the scenes, sincerely hoping to help Ukraine meet all the challenges. Thanks to the work of the Foundation, Ukrainians do not lose the most valuable thing – faith in goodness and humanity!

Thank you for helping people like you!

Nerijus Udrėnas -the head of the food fund “Food for Ukraine”