Food to Bervytsia and Fastiv inhabitants

Our volunteers are used to delivering the necessary aid through forests and off-roads. Nothing frightens them when they realize that in the remote village of Bervytsia, Brovary district, women with children and the elderly are left alone. Without food and basic necessities. And without men, because almost everyone went to defend the homeland.
The exhausted residents of Fastiv, lived every day under powerful explosions and shelling, are waiting for volunteers.
The food and other basic necessities that the population so desperately needed were delivered as soon as volunteers were allowed to enter. Thanks to the fruitful work of the Food for Ukraine Charitable Foundation, the rapid logistics of NOVUS, and of course our dedicated volunteers, we are able to help Ukrainians.
People were happy to see volunteers since they waited a long time. And did not give up.
Our group came first, so they saw firsthand the people who prayed every day to see the next day.